Innovations Occur in Real-Time.

We Design, Develop & Deliver for Digital Dreamers.


When we’re designing your new customer experience or a strategic online marketing methodology, we use advanced data analytics and proprietary tools to see exactly what your users actually value and prioritize. We totally reevaluate approaches and interfaces to help you achieve a simpler, better, and more engaging future.

Then we make that future happen. We create visual prototypes to test with actual users, gain feedback and adjust in real-time. Once everything is optimal, together with you, we build the ultimate solutions.


Your marketing plan and brand identity form the core of what your audience’s online experience needs to generate. We take those elements, mix in our competitive landscape analysis, and blend all of it with our proprietary trending data about your target market’s motivating characteristics.

The result – beautiful websites, impressive search engine rankings and effective social media engagement.


Today’s marketing, sales and support go way beyond your website numbers. It’s all of the data among all of your online marketing channels and factors that, when intelligently analyzed, provide actionable insights across the board.

Our expert systems deliver relevant, understandable metrics to sharpen your decision-making and give you a new, clearer vision of your organization’s online capabilities and performance.

Award-Winning Design Company

Technivista makes “innovations occur in real-time” for organizations of all sizes across multiple industries. Based in the Chicagoland area, we’ve worked with a range of clients from multi-national, Fortune 100 giants, to one-person entrepreneurs. 


Web Development

We offer a full range of web design services to exceed the demands of any size project.


We can help your website and online messages get in front of your most valuable markets.

UX Research

We’ll validate assumptions, and make sure your digital experience makes logical sense.

Content Strategy

Let’s make sure all your content is optimized and has a purpose. Sound good?

Brand Identity

To develop a successful plan, we’ll focus on who you are, and what story you’re telling.

Email Marketing

Want to grow an even larger audience? We help you build a larger client base.

Talk is Cheap

It really is. That’s why our team sets up a free consultation to see if we’d be a good fit for your digital initiatives.

Recent Work

Our latest work partnering with some of the most forward thinking organizations in the world.

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