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5 HUGE Reasons to REALLY Do SEO Well in 2018

Get Out There! (and let Technivista help you be the best you can be) 1. Search Engines are the overwhelming "Go to" choice for services, products and answers. (And most go to Google.) How do today's decision makers begin looking for solutions to their...

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Five Key Trends in 2018 Project Management

2017 has seen some significant moves in the way organizations manage online projects with social media, web sites, multi-channel marketing and data analytics. To start 2018, here are What's Trending UP and What's Trending DOWN in Online Project Management: There are...

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How Healthy is Your Organizational Design?

In the United States and around the industrialized world, Business Excellence is universally defined by an organization's potential and performance in seven categories: Results Leadership Processes People Knowledge Strategy Customers/Markets Technivista has been a...

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The “Rule of 3” RULES!

What’s so special about the number three? There's a reason why the number three is pervasive throughout some of our greatest stories, fairy tales, and myths. It’s also no coincidence that some of the most famous quotes from throughout history are structured in three...

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Top 5 Secret Ingredients for Great Online Communications

To most effectively communicate with your audience online, here are the Top 5 things that you HAVE to do: Present content in ways that are considerate of your audience's time and needs while being transparent, authentic and engaging. Sincerely and enthusiastically...

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Reinventing Your Business Model

Achieving Effective Differentiation and Growth "How do you successfully navigate turbulent times in both world events and technology?" Condition: Disruption and dynamic change are driving through all sectors of the economy as innovative strategies to digital business...

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Today's web is so much more than just a site -- it's interactive, it's social, it's personal, it's transactional. And it should be the hub at the center of everything you do online. These days, your website design is so much more than presenting the face of your...

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The Big Increase in Web Video Content has Arrived

For the past two years, we've seen an important rise in internet traffic related to video content on non-entertainment/news sites. Three years ago on sites related to general business and the public sector, video content comprised about 4% of all page views. Today,...

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Seven Quick Tips for Better Web Writing

We get asked A LOT of questions about websites. But the ONE QUESTION that rarely gets asked by web content creators but SHOULD get asked is: How can I write better content for my website? Here's the quick seven-step answer: 1. Know your audience. Who's going to look...

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Big Data is Booming Now in Health Care

Anyone who has been in the hospital in recent years has probably noticed how poorly the data is handled and managed. For example, patients have to repeatedly enter the same information about themselves and their medical history. In addition, the information concerning...

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