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Achieving Effective Differentiation and Growth

“How do you successfully navigate turbulent times in both world events and technology?”

Condition: Disruption and dynamic change are driving through all sectors of the economy as innovative strategies to digital business rapidly evolve.

Trend: The waves of fluid action and reaction will dominate entire industries in 2018 and continue the dramatic results of 2017.

Risk #1: Organizations that react slowly to the stepped-up realities of today’s digital economy will risk losing opportunities or be completely out of the picture.

Potential Challenge #1: An organization’s leadership often feels threatened by new business strategies.

Positive Change #1: Making innovative thought and innovation goals a daily activity within familiar business processes along with being obsessively aware to customer needs and trends, leaders can overcome the anxiety of change.


Risk #2: In a world where digital startups regularly challenge the status quo, the threat from agile competitors will only accelerate in 2018. That’s why the saying “disrupt yourself, before someone else does” has become the mantra with leadership teams around the world.

Potential Challenge #2: The pressure becomes even more intense as the digital economy becomes connected, changing how we generate revenues and identify new growth opportunities. This pressure can cause organizations to explode into chaos or freeze with anxiety.

Positive Change #2: Unmanageable chaos or frozen inaction are avoided by having a solidly designed game plan that everybody has confidence in.

At Technivista, we help you design the most effective plan, the organizational structure to support the plan, and the IT and data systems that give you the best opportunities to monitor and navigate toward your goals.