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1. Search Engines are the overwhelming “Go to” choice for services, products and answers. (And most go to Google.)

How do today’s decision makers begin looking for solutions to their needs? Almost all of them now start with an online search — and almost all of those start with Google. Clearly, you want to show up as high as possible in search returns and that means having exceptional search engine optimization. Technivista will help you get noticed by those decision-makers by reaching your SEO potential.

2. SEO is cost-effective.

SEO is not only the foundation of your search engine strategy, it has a very nice ROI – especially when organizations want to add in Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (like Google AdWords), email marketing, Lead to Revenue Management systems, etc. A solid SEO is a money saving “Have to have” for today’s organizations. When you hire Technivista to create and maintain your website, you not only get a cost-effective SEO solution, your site will always be up-to-speed on the latest search engine updates and innovations, and keeping SEO current is both vital and financially smart.

3. The Rise of Mobile and Local Relevance

If trends continue, in the second half of 2014, the number of searches performed on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) will surpass those done on desktop computers. Your SEO should already be taking that into account so it can deliver the most effective strategy depending on the location of the user. Technivista can help you manage and take of advantage of this significant move  in mobile behaviors by integrating an innovative set of SEO strategies to meet the opportunities of this rapidly evolving market.

4. Healthy content brings Search Engine Happiness

Search engine algorithms, particularly Google’s, change the way they evaluate and rank websites constantly. Factors that weren’t considered a few years ago, such as social media activities (think “Likes”) and content refresh rates/quality,  now have considerably higher impact on your rankings. A site that does SEO well automatically has a healthy content profile that’s incredibly important when Google evaluates your web pages. Technivista can help keep your site “search engine happy” as the Google world continues to turn.

5. Your competitors are doing it (or will be shortly…)

Don’t be SEO-challenged in 2018.  Be the best you can be. Please contact Technivista and find out the optimal strategy for you.