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For the past two years, we’ve seen an important rise in internet traffic related to video content on non-entertainment/news sites.

Three years ago on sites related to general business and the public sector, video content comprised about 4% of all page views.

Today, our data analysis indicates that the trend projects out to 2017 visitors spending 38% of average session time watching video on websites that feature video content, and that number rises to over 45% by mid-2018.

Video content is significantly on the rise on all platforms. Here are the top four emerging uses.

Video Sections on Homepages
Parallax design has made full-page images a wildly popular homepage design trend, and video is increasingly becoming the star of the show. Full-page video loading screens or scrollers are starting to pop up on particularly design-forward sites.

The large file sizes associated with videos aren’t a concern for most broadband users—a fact that the most cutting-edge web designers count on—and while mobile surfers are notoriously impatient, even on handheld platforms, the trend is on the rise.

Branded, Positive Video Content that’s On-Message 
Promotional web videos aren’t new in the content game, but their popularity is skying thanks to expanding the social media world and the move towards mobile-enabled content.

The primary purpose is to create a video with targeted audience appeal with message authenticity — with message authenticity the key phrase.

Video News Aggregation/Summary
Video news aggregations/summaries by date or topic/issue are another emerging trend. Videos tagged by topic and category can be digitally organized to bring the most relevant and useful content to the visitor.

Personal Effect Video Features
Video is sometimes called the fourth level of communication after written text, photos/graphics, and audio. If a personal message needs to be most effectively and comprehensively conveyed, then video is usually the optimum method. It shows the presenting person’s verbal tone and physically expression. When done correctly, it’s a powerful communication platform.