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Services: Website Design, Data Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Workflow Optimization…and more

As we’ve done with dozens of clients large and small

Learn how Technivista’s expertise can elevate your organization’s performance in three mission-critical areas.

• Website Design and Online Analytics

Technivista’s Website Design Services will make you look really good…
AND do big things online…
AND actually know how good you look and how big the things are!

• Social Media Marketing

Social Media is (or should be) a key target in EVERYONE’S marketing strategy. Want some help in making Social Media an arrow in your marketing quiver? Follow this…

• Info Analytics and Big Data

Today “big data” is an emerging priority, given its ability to profoundly affect operations and outcomes. In addition to providing solutions to long-standing challenges, big data inspires fresh methods to transform processes, organizations, entire sectors and even beyond. Want to get “big?”