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How does the game get changed?

These days, THE Game Changer is “Big Data” — information analytics based on massive quantities of data that generates new insights and important relationships causing optimized solutions.

Today “big data” is an emerging priority, given its ability to profoundly affect operations and outcomes. In addition to providing solutions to long-standing challenges, big data inspires fresh methods to transform processes, organizations, entire sectors and even beyond.

Which major business sectors can take advantage of Technivista’s approach using patented, MPP (Masssively Parallel Processing) technology?

Technivista can help you develop systems leveraging pattern recognition, predictive analytics, process optimization, and artificial intelligence. In some cases, the knowledge that will be produced by these systems cannot be revealed by any other means.

And that is a game-changer.

The official name of this Chicago landmark is “Cloud Gate” but everyone calls it “The Bean.” And it changed the game for Chicago’s Millennium Park.

Similarly, these days the phrase “complex statistical analysis of massive amounts of information” is just called “Big Data” and it’s a game-changer for advanced analytics.

Many organizations are struggling to read and react to the uncertainty inherent within certain types of Big Data, such as healthcare dynamics, consumer spending patterns, or the qualitative meaning of interactions on social networks.

Although this type of “squishy” data may be difficult to get and keep a grasp on, it may contain breakthrough information of an ongoing nature. Organizations need to feel comfortable and confident with data uncertainty and see how to use it to their advantage.

Foe example, social media and other web-based data aren’t usually analyzed due to the fact that a different, more advanced capability is required to analyze unstructured data – data that does not fit in traditional databases — such as text usage, time-shifted behaviors, audio, images and video.

These days, the increasing opportunities and benefits of Big Data are clear to most organizational leaders. They see how Big Data can substantially improve their decision-making and results. The biggest challenge for everybody is figuring out how to get the ball rolling.