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ThisOneWe get asked A LOT of questions about websites.

But the ONE QUESTION that rarely gets asked by web content creators but SHOULD get asked is:

How can I write better content for my website?

Here’s the quick seven-step answer:

1. Know your audience.

Who’s going to look at this content? Be sure you’re providing them with relevant info.

2. Be concise and organized.

Web readers by nature are skimmers and scanners. Be frugal and selective with your words, and make sure the piece flows.

3. Be interesting, enthusiastic and natural.

Almost all content can be presented with some personality. Use yours!

4. It’s all about the story.

The most effective way to get your point across is to tell a story. Present a problem or challenge; write about the way things unfolded; have a meaningful or successful conclusion. Use words that paint a picture and engage the reader.

5. Use links.

Since the first days of the web, one of the cool things about it is links. Use them like spices — to enhanced the “flavor” of your content but don’t overdo them.

6. Use visuals.

Use photos, graphics, charts, diagrams, design elements, etc. to best convey the content’s meaning, elevate the interest level and engage the viewer.

7. Be interactive.

Develop content that makes it easy for your viewer to participate. Ask for comments and email responses. Like or dislike. Calls for action. Ideas and suggestions. Additional info. There are dozens of ways to write your content to actively engage your viewer.

If you’d like to dive deeper into how to write great web content, just contact us today!