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The Rise of Your New Digital World

Invigorating Your Website

We merge your ideas with our expertise in design and development to create exceptional solutions.

Hitting Your Target Markets

Get in front of the right people at the optimal time for the best results. That's what we can do for you.

Maximizing Your Data

Take full advantage of the wealth of intelligence that's available to your online endeavors.

Our Portfolio includes

Our team members have worked with companies spanning Fortune 100 companies looking to launch fresh initiatives to the entrepreneur with a dream and a plan. We've delivered solutions to:

Multinational Corporations
Small/Medium-size Businesses
Government Organizations

We've worked in these sectors:
Entertainment & Sports

Experience by the Numbers


Technivista has had the privilege to work with outstanding individuals and organizations across a variety of sectors. We're not the best fit for everyone, but when we are...WOW!


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You know there's nothing like an exciting, success project. We have experience on mega-projects spanning multiple years to rapid-rollout ones that take a few weeks.


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Years in Business

We were there when the World Wide Web was starting to take off and way before content management, AI, big data & online analytics -- now they're all in our sweet-spot.


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Your Vision <->Your Success
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