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Technivista is based in Prospect Heights, Illinois. Our company was founded in 2003 and offers comprehensive expertise in quality web design and site development.

Since the firm's founding, Technivista has consulted in both the public and private sectors on website development, information technology strategies, quality processes, data analysis, and emerging technologies. We've worked with a diversity of clients including multi-national Fortune 100 companies, public school districts, world-class non-profits institutions, government organizations and many small businesses.

Our strategy in working with our clients is comprehensive. We have been trained to bring exceptional support and service which is why were ranked near the top of all U.S. companies in terms of Customer Satisfaction.

Project Philosophy

Technivista's designers have created numerous award-winning sites that have significantly enhanced communications for our clients.

The methodology requires a strong, immediate relationship between the client and our design team. This "meeting of the minds" produces aesthetic and functional agreement on the foundation design theme for the site. The final design theme is carried throughout the site and makes for intuitive navigation while providing the requested information as fast as possible.

We understand that the site's vitality depends largely on the interest and contributions from you as the sole content contributor so we'll design the workflow with that in mind. We also understand the need to be especially cost-sensitive and we price accordingly.

It's important for a site to have a quality foundation built on flexible standards so as to accommodate a variety of feature set expansion options and your vision moving forward.

All of our sites are designed to maximize the ability to efficiently add future advanced functionality and customize as appropriate.