Technivista uses the highest quality data as inputs into our AI-driven programs to generate the most relevant and revealing online analytics specific to your organization.

One of the things that separates Technivista from the crowd is our uniquely effective BlueSkies AI analytics system.

If you're interested in an advanced analytics approach to your online operations, you're going to want to talk with us ASAP.

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It's all relative to the relevant

Compare and Contrast PERFORMANCE

Here's what our analytics systems do:

  • Cleanse and validate the online performance data across all channels and sets of critical metrics
  • Isolate the relevant "signals" and discard the "noise"
  • Identify and rate those in your peer group
  • Use pattern recognition to determine trends, groups and actions
  • Find potential opportunities and threats
  • Use multivariate models to forecast possible outcomes

Awareness and Recognition

See natural PATTERNS
and emerging TRENDS 

Patterns are powerful. When you see a new pattern, it can change your mindset and ultimately influence your decisions. Recognizing patterns gives you richer understanding of the way things are and the way things will likely be.

If you have the tools to spot emerging trends, think of the value that brings. It gets you out in front of the curve -- good or bad. Potential opportunities, trouble or risks.

One of Technivista's competitive advantages is our AI-based advanced analytics system. It can deliver real benefits for your organization.

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A Wealth of Intelligence

Know NOW

Oh, the things you can do when you've got what you need to make great things happen.

You already know that.

What you also need to know is that Technivista's analytics help make great things happen online for both your audience and your organization.

Knowledge is power.

Advanced analytics gives you superpower knowledge.

What will you do with that?

Do you want the DETAILS?

Here's Technivista's Checklist for Website Projects

General Strategies

Driving Forces:

✅ Online hub of overall mission
✅ More dynamic marketing & recruiting
✅ Rapid information availability
✅ Automating processes
✅ Innovative use by target markets
✅ Enhanced image & prestige
✅ Integration with social media
✅ Quality of services (QoS) support
✅ E-commerce capabilities
✅ Timeliness of Launch & Updates

Comparison to Peers & Competitors


✅ Design quality
✅ Feature set
✅ Content quality
✅ Interactive opportunities
✅ User Experience (UX) quality
✅ E-commerce performance
✅ Customer Relationship Mgmt
✅ Quality of services (QoS) support
✅ Online delivery of services/goods
✅ SEO & SEM performance

Future Uses, Goals & Tech


✅ Projected audiences
✅ Direction of user tech
✅ Speed of network & devices
✅ Multimedia options
✅ E-commerce capabilities
✅ Speed of news & content updates
✅ Publishing (Self, automated, user)
✅ Security requirements
✅ Advanced analytics
✅ Multi-channel communication

Overall Web Best Practices


✅ SIte functionality
✅ Design & navigation
✅ Scroll/Time/Clicks to action
✅ Site traffic patterns
✅ Technical front-end & backend
✅ Cost of development & support
✅ Return on Investment (ROI)
✅ Privacy & legal standards
✅ Accessibility compliance
✅ Cross-platform compatibility

Aesthetics & UX


✅ Graphic design elements
✅ Audience taste & preferences
✅ Page layout & use of space
✅ Use of colors & font styles
✅ Psychological appeal
✅ Intuitive flow & site paths
✅ Quality & use of images
✅ Ease of reaching desired info
✅ Relevant language words & level
✅ Consistent use of design elements

Branding and Identity Support


✅ Official identity prominence
✅ Logos, graphics, fonts, sounds
✅ Slogans, taglines, keywords
✅ Visual messaging reinforcement
✅ Social media integration
✅ Up-to-date, uniform content
✅ Coordination with other channels
✅ Clear, current statements
✅ Prioritization of immediate news
✅ Ease of changes to elements

Concepts & Prototypes


✅ Home page designs
✅ Key page designs
✅ Working mockups
✅ Project website
✅ Centralized project plan
✅ Daily status communications
✅ Focus group reviews
✅ Peer/competitor scorecard
✅ Ongoing usability analysis
✅ Demographics alignment

Tech Requirements


✅ Hosting
✅ Content delivery network
✅ Speed & response goals
✅ Integration with e-commerce
✅ Security systems
✅ Databases & data systems
✅ Support systems & personnel
✅ User devices & platforms
✅ SEO & SEM systems
✅ Cost considerations

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