The Technivista Process


Project Research

The face of an organization is its website and that makes website design a key in creating your best image.

But while “Image is Everything” may be a good start, in today’s world great website design require some brains and skills to stand out.

The “brains” of an exceptional site are rich content & strategic navigation that’s well-organized. They help you deliver relevant experiences to visitors and create win-win results.


Site Design & Development

Over 50 design and development activities and delverables go into every website project that we do.

Our methodology generates industry-leading quality control and assurance. And it has produced outstanding client satisfaction scores.

Your organization can be confident that your project is on-schedule, on-budget and on-target to your goals.


Launch & Performance Monitoring

Anytime you launch or do a major redesign is a critical moment. Your site’s functions and style need to professionally implemented and consistently used. Effective performance involves creating, reviewing and adjusting strategies, features & elements used to present your company’s image in public.


Advanced Analytics & Online Strategizing

Technivista will help you make your website the high performance engine driving your personalized multi-channel marketing process. Using our proven experience in advanced analytics, we can help develop your best strategy including integrating Social Media marketing. Plus, you can see the intelligence-based results and identify powerful, relevant factors with Technivista’s Info Analytics & Big Data services.