Startups & Entrepreneurs

The rapid ramp-up nature of the web makes it the perfect place for startups and entrepreneurs with big dreams.

Technivista can create an effective website to help you get known quickly and get the word-of-mouth going because nothing's better in making an immediate impression than a great online presence.

When your visitor arrives at your new site they will be asking three primary questions:

  1. “What does your company do?”  With no time to waste, a first-rate home page will show exactly what you're all about and relevantly engage the visitor.
  2. "Are you legit?" First impressions will either confirm your professional legitimacy or knock you out of consideration.
  3. "Are you a good fit?" You need to communicate that you offer something that they're looking for and need.

Your website accomplishes this by presenting:

  • A tagline or "branding blurb": An engaging phrase that communicates your company's brand identity and immediately delivers what you're all about.
  • A clear offering: Simply say what you are doing, why it's great and how visitors can easily find out more.
  • An intuitive, user-friendly interface: Present a design that makes navigation natural and content easily accessible.
  • Proof via testimonials and past/current portfolio: Show supporting evidence of your successes, including any press releases and blog posts that speak to your expertise.

Technivista helped Candy Kissner, one of Zillow's highest-rated realtors/brokers, elevate her online presence with a beautifully engaging website that emphasized her exceptional ability to deliver great results for her clients with supporting testimonials and sales accomplishments. The site also clearly communicates her engaging personality and her personal connection with the people she works with.

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