For almost 20 years, Technivista has been helping organizations design, create, maintain and expand the most effective websites to meet their needs and serve their online audience.

Our award-winning methodology begins with an advanced assessment of your peer group's websites and your current website's inventory of content assets. The end goal is to design a site that compares favorably to others in your industry. Online strategy gets formulated next, followed by the design phase. Then we begin building the prototype site with constant review and adjustments. When the site launches, it's ready to perform for you.


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Converging design

Essential impressions

Gotta have DESIGN

A website's design enhances the content and makes everything sparkle. An effective design also delivers the following:

  • It's fast, responsive, and easy to update
  • It helps the site rank high in search engines
  • It visually harmonizes the brand identity
  • Quickly gets visitors the info they want and compels interaction
  • Accessible to all users and all devices
  • Effectiveness is measurable and easy to improve

Effective sites satisfy the visitor

Deliver an intuitive

Great designs are appealing. Great UX get people engaged and interacting with you.

Every visitor is looking for the right path to easily get where they need to be to get what they need to get. Every layout and navigation element must deliver on that purpose.

Technivista develops award-winning User Experiences.

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The Smartest Way to Communicate

Let's make your CONTENT Connect

With our AI systems, Technivista precisely knows your strategic markets and we know the content that they're looking for.

Clean, relevant messages answer questions and invite engagement. Properly aligned content will genuinely convey what your organization is all about and what it has to offer the visitor.

Give your audience what they want and need to see.

Do you want the DETAILS?

Here's Technivista's Checklist for Website Projects

General Strategies

Driving Forces:

✅ Online hub of overall mission
✅ More dynamic marketing & recruiting
✅ Rapid information availability
✅ Automating processes
✅ Innovative use by target markets
✅ Enhanced image & prestige
✅ Integration with social media
✅ Quality of services (QoS) support
✅ E-commerce capabilities
✅ Timeliness of Launch & Updates

Comparison to Peers & Competitors


✅ Design quality
✅ Feature set
✅ Content quality
✅ Interactive opportunities
✅ User Experience (UX) quality
✅ E-commerce performance
✅ Customer Relationship Mgmt
✅ Quality of services (QoS) support
✅ Online delivery of services/goods
✅ SEO & SEM performance

Future Uses, Goals & Tech


✅ Projected audiences
✅ Direction of user tech
✅ Speed of network & devices
✅ Multimedia options
✅ E-commerce capabilities
✅ Speed of news & content updates
✅ Publishing (Self, automated, user)
✅ Security requirements
✅ Advanced analytics
✅ Multi-channel communication

Overall Web Best Practices


✅ SIte functionality
✅ Design & navigation
✅ Scroll/Time/Clicks to action
✅ Site traffic patterns
✅ Technical front-end & backend
✅ Cost of development & support
✅ Return on Investment (ROI)
✅ Privacy & legal standards
✅ Accessibility compliance
✅ Cross-platform compatibility

Aesthetics & UX


✅ Graphic design elements
✅ Audience taste & preferences
✅ Page layout & use of space
✅ Use of colors & font styles
✅ Psychological appeal
✅ Intuitive flow & site paths
✅ Quality & use of images
✅ Ease of reaching desired info
✅ Relevant language words & level
✅ Consistent use of design elements

Branding and Identity Support


✅ Official identity prominence
✅ Logos, graphics, fonts, sounds
✅ Slogans, taglines, keywords
✅ Visual messaging reinforcement
✅ Social media integration
✅ Up-to-date, uniform content
✅ Coordination with other channels
✅ Clear, current statements
✅ Prioritization of immediate news
✅ Ease of changes to elements

Concepts & Prototypes


✅ Home page designs
✅ Key page designs
✅ Working mockups
✅ Project website
✅ Centralized project plan
✅ Daily status communications
✅ Focus group reviews
✅ Peer/competitor scorecard
✅ Ongoing usability analysis
✅ Demographics alignment

Tech Requirements


✅ Hosting
✅ Content delivery network
✅ Speed & response goals
✅ Integration with e-commerce
✅ Security systems
✅ Databases & data systems
✅ Support systems & personnel
✅ User devices & platforms
✅ SEO & SEM systems
✅ Cost considerations

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